Education, Training, and Career Development

CTRI is committed to developing clinical researchers at every stage of their careers—from undergraduates to post doctoral researchers, high school students to faculty. The Education, Training, and Career Development Unit provides funding, training, seminars, and mentorship to researchers and students who want to advance health sciences.

With CTRI grants and the CTRI CREST program, students and early career researchers can strengthen their skills in clinical research as they learn from experienced faculty at UC San Diego. Researchers can continue their education through events like yearly Bench to Bedside Symposia. Undergraduate and high school students can even get research experience through internships and summer programs.

CTRI gives researchers the training they need to develop new skills and discover new ways to help patients.

Resources for:

Medical and Pharmacy Students


The CTRI TL1 program, under the direction of Carolyn Kelly, MD, provides support for both short-term and long-term training in clinical research for students enrolled in health sciences doctoral programs at UC San Diego. Click here to learn more.

Junior Faculty/Early-Career Investigators

CTRI KL2 Mentored Research Career Development

The CTRI KL2 program, a research training grant for junior faculty, under the direction of Joel Dimsdale, MD, provides up to three years of research career development support and up to $100,000 for UCSD instructors or assistant professors. Click here for application information.

Research Career Development Grant Assistance

Please contact to request consultation regarding NIH Career Development (K) grant funding opportunities.

Good Clinical Practice Training

All study personnel engaged in executing a drug, device, biologic and/or behavioral intervention should understand the fundamental principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). For UC San Diego study personnel listed on clinical trials IRB protocols, GCP training is recommended. A complete training module is available through the CITI program, at

Resources for Those Interested in Clinical Research Training

The CTRI Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplemental Training (CREST) program, under the direction of Ravindra L. Mehta, MD, is designed to improve the skills and knowledge of clinician investigators and translational researchers by providing a comprehensive, cohesive learning experience in an environment that promotes interaction between basic scientists and clinical researchers. Click here for application information.

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Colin Andrew Depp, PhD
Director of CTRI Education, Training, and Career Development Unit 
Phone: (858) 822-4251


R. Jaeger Dr. Broyles
Joel Dimsdale, MD
Director of CTRI KL2 Program
Phone: (619) 543-5592
Carolyn Kelly, MD
Director of CTRI TL1 Program
Phone: (858) 534-3701
Ravindra L. Mehta, MD, FACP
Director of CTRI CREST Program
Phone (619) 543-7310